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Spinning earth
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Use the Kamp Olympik media room index to find docs.
Listen to Don Bragg's video.

Download the data sell sheet, press releases, and more. Don Bragg
tells the fun-filled history of Kamp Olympik to Rochelle D. Kilby
in 11 enjoyable clips. Contact rights to reprint images.

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Media room

This content will help media write articles or reviews about Kamp Olympik.

ISBN 978-0-9799537-9-8 (hardcover), US $25.00
ISBN 978-0-9818939-3-8 (softcover), US $20.00
272 pp., published 2008

Copyright 2008 Don Bragg and Theresa Bragg.

Copyright 2009 Africana Homestead Legacy Publishers.

All rights reserved. Brief quotes permitted by reviewers. Contact AHLP's rights department for permission to reprint photographs. Give number of photo from list below.


Youtube interview video

Press releases

Data sell sheet

Excerpts (for block quotes, Word doc)

Copyright page

Chapter one (PDF)


Don Bragg color, black and white (gif and PDF)

front cover

title page

photo files PDF black and white

photo files .jpg

Youtube interview video


Press release (October 2008)

Press release 16 October 2008
Data sell sheet Kamp Olympik data sell sheet
Word 2007 docx
Kamp Olympik data sell sheet
Word 1997-2003 doc
Copyright page Kamp Olympik copyright page
Excerpts Kamp Olympik excerpts
chapter one, two, eleven Word 2007
Kamp Olympik excerpts
chapter one, two, eleven Word 1997-2003
Chapter one (PDF) Kamp Olympik chapter one
Index Kamp Olympik index



Right click to download
Don Bragg
Don Bragg
Don Bragg
Don Bragg 3" by 2" color PDF file
Don Bragg 3" x 2" black and white PDF file
Illustrations (PDF files) Illustrations (.jpg files)

Kamp Olympik front cover
Kamp Olympik cover PDF
cover with spine PDF

Kamp Olympik cover

Kamp Olympik title page  
Photo 1 Campers arriving. (p.13)  
Photo 2 Uncle Joe and family at the “Bat Cabin.”  
Photo 3 Choo-choo (pony) with Don and son Mark.  
Photo 4 Counselor balancing on log over stream.  
Photo 5 Counselor swinging on Tarzan ropes.  
Photo 6 Don testing Tarzan ropes.  
Photo 7 Don and campers preparing for canoe trip.  
Photo 8 Dominick and Yolanda prepping meals.  
Photo 9 Campers in sack race at Batsto Village.  
Photo 10 (cover photo bw)  
Photo 11 Dave Miller, Don, and Barry Ross.  
Photo 12 Don arm wrestling as Dave referees.  
Photo 13 Doug Kemble and Don after basketball challenge.  
Photo 14 Bragg’s family cabin at camp.  
Photo 15 Bragg’s Dream Home on the lake.  
Photo 16 Don with Jeff, Mark, and Renée outside home.  
Photo 17 Jeff, cousin Craig after wild ride on Cushman cart.  
Photo 18 River flooding during summer storm at camp.  
Photo 19 Barry shingling campers’ cabin.  
Photo 20 Infamous Diving Platform.  
Photo 21 Camper playing “Geraldine” in talent show.  
Photo 22 Jeff, cousin Craig after receiving cycle for birthday.  
Photo 23 Jersey Joe Walcott with camper.  
Photo 24 Don and Russ Hodge, decathlon champion.  
Photo 25 Larry James, Don, and Theresa at Olympic fundraiser.  
Photo 26 Bragg children and nephews with Ali.  
Photo 27 Ali sparring with Director Rich Cheung.  
Photo 28 Ali boxing with counselor.  
Photo 29 Ali sparring with camper.  
Photo 30 Tracey, Reneé, and Ali’s daughter.  
Photo 31 Ali and Don boxing.  
Photo 32 Don with Gene Kilroy.  
Photo 33 Steve Brown with campers at Ali’s gym.  
Photo 34 Mike Douglas exhausted after sparring with Ali.  
Photo 35 Ali at press conference with Don and boys.  
Photo 36 Ali and his daughter at his camp kitchen.  
Photo 37 Don and campers at Batsto Village trip.  
Photo 38 Rich laughing at “Hot Pepper” escapade.  
Photo 39 Cookie boy Morello escorting Ali to the dining hall.  
Photo 40 Staff looking their best with Ali.  
Photo 41 Reneé with cousin Marc on cycle.  
Photo 42 Pied Piper with winners of Capture the Flag. (cover photo)  
Photo 43 Campers and camp counselors.  

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