Jerome's Pillows by Christian Filostrat

Psychological drama and romance

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Jerome's Pillows front cover
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ISBN 978-1-937622-71-8
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ISBN 978-1-937622-72-5

Christian Filostrat

Christian Filostrat

A reviewer's note

This is not the kind of book that I would typically read, but I was drawn in to this story. The writing in this story is EXTREMELY strong and, like them or hate them, these characters seem like real people. In fact, there were quite a few times that I really hated these women, but I kept reading because they kept me wondering if they would change, see a better way, leave their dysfunctional patterns or get worse. The women felt like real people, and I really felt like I saw what was happening. The story in this was not like I normally see in novels. It wasn’t centered around a single inciting incident or a single plot. In fact, it was as if I were reading The Stranger by Camus. I mean everything about it just screamed Camus. That is a compliment. I’ve read The Stranger 3 or 4 times. I love how things are twisted around and not what you think they will be. That is what I felt in this book. So many assumptions I had about the book and the characters were wrong.