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Read about The System Versus the Law
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Ken Brown tells his compelling story of recovery, perseverance
and success in seven fascinating clips (click the "Media" tab).
Available as a softcover and Kindle e-book edition.
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The System Versus the Law

Book Description (Annotation)

In an honest and gripping tale, Kenneth Brown tells how he achieved the American Dream, then threw it away. He grew up in the projects, lived in suburbia, had a wife and children who loved him, and became a successful business man and Pro-Am league basketball official. But using and dealing drugs created his downward spiral. Arrested for two crimes that he did not commit, he was in prison for years. On the road to recovery, Brown overcame substance abuse and had a spiritual rebirth. Eventually freed, Brown has focused on rebuilding his life and his family relationships.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9818939-1-4
Binding: Softcover

Pages: 208
Publication date: October 2008

Price: US $20.00
Imprint: AHLP Books
BISAC subjects: Biography and Autobiography

The System Versus the Law
Also available as an e-book edition  

ISBN-13: 978-0-9825842-6-2
Binding: Amazon Kindle e-book
ASIN: B002Y5VT68
Publication date: November 2009
Price: $10

The System Versus the Law Kindle version

Kenneth Brown is the father of three grown daughters, and he is divorced. Born in New York City, he now lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. He has been deeply influenced by people, such as, Carl Brown, Thurgood Marshall, Malcolm X, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, and Gurumayi Chidillasananda. This is Kenneth Brown's debut book, and he has also written written several articles: "Black History," "Fathers," "Message to My People," "Religion," "My Viet Nam," "Emotional Awareness," and "Corrected Vision."

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Kenneth Brown

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The System Versus the Law is a stunning book about the “real” system and the law and how one man fought it with passion, commitment, and startling courage. Kenneth Brown managed with grace, dignity, and intelligence to hold onto his innocence, though unfairly sentenced for twenty years in which he eventually did nine. His work is not only about legal injustice, it is an unflinching portrait of a contemporary black American who is raised in the projects, is sent to war, becomes addicted, marries, has children, and is convicted for an act of arson he did not do. The author takes his readers on a harrowing journey through legal wrangling, as well as teaches them a thing or two about redemption on the way. We are able to gain memorable insight into the unseemly canvas of lawyers, judges, and appeals as well as the lacerated prison climate itself. Discrimination is pervasive in many daily events we hesitate even to think about, but Brown has a way of illuminating them with wit and candor. My hope is that this brave book is found in every prison library and thus liberates the spirit of those who find themselves “… running down a long dark hallway. Off in the distance there is an open door with a light shining through it. However, the closer I get to the door the more it seems to close.”

—Leonore Wilson, Teacher/Writer/Friend

"Kenneth Brown speaks about his past lifestyle as a cocaine-marijuana drug user, where he watches his life shatters before him. Not only did he lose his family, he also lost his job as a basketball official and security company as a CEO. His former wife put a restraining order to stay away from his family, and later he served jail time for arson. Unbelievably, he admits to his sexual saturated affairs outside of marriage, as a drug addict started as early as Vietnam (U.S. Marine), and a black man in trouble with the law. He reveals it all--three marriages, children, and two other women to discover a part of him he did not experience in his own marriages. He believes Karma played a part in meeting most of his women. Becky, one of his previous wives, stuck it out the longest since she made numerous attempts to save their marriages, but he continued his drug addiction. Wonderful to have close ties like his unsurpassed friend, Larry Williams, who was there for him when no one else. He marvels from Buddhism meditations practices to finally being in tune with God.

He also has kept a journal of his jail sentence, trial experiences, unjust law measures due to perjury, and divorce attorney telling him to sign everything over to his wife, Becky. This makes me realize, do not trust your life to an attorney, take in the initiative to learn the legal system and what you can do to represent yourself. There are still some decent attorneys; we can still research it for our own benefit too.

Deeper message to take from "The System Versus the Law" is when Kenneth Brown acknowledges there are two kinds of wills in life: "free will and God's will. Free will allows us to grow, learn, mature and develop. But when we grow, learn, mature, and develop we come to realize that free will ends up God's will." Moreover, we cannot focus on other people, but ourselves. We are born, live, and die alone. He realized this during his trial of injustice to an immeasurable freedom.

Adrienna Turner, AAMBC Book Reviewer, March 25, 2009 (source)


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For the media


Recorded during the Philadelphia Free Library Festival, 17 April 2009. Interviewer, Rochelle D. Kilby.

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