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Founder Yawah Toe has the founder's tale
of Grebo people in Gedebo, Liberia

Gedebo residents celebrate the death of Yawah Toe, the "Great Elephant," in an annual festival with song and dance. Folklore and oral history at its best.
Available as a hardcover and softcover edition.
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Founder Yawah Toe and Paramount Chief Wrea Musu, Heroes of Gedebo or Kleo, A Subsection of Grebo Land in Liberia

Book Description (Annotation)

Reeves and Davis retell the wonderful founder's tale of Yawah Toe dating to the 16th century and other folklore about members of the Grebo ethnic group living in Gedebo, Maryland County, in the Republic of Liberia. Their oral history of Paramount Chief Wrea "Coffee" Musu, who ruled Gedebo from 1928 to 1965, gives important insight into local politics and government and the changes from traditional rule to Western-style governance. The authors also discuss Musu's successor, Paramount Chief William Duyou Poka, Gedebo's amalgamation into the Karluway Chiefdom, and the creation of the Karluway Statutory District.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9818939-0-7
Binding 1: hardcover

Pages: 128 pp.
Publication date: June 2008

Price: US $25.00

ISBN-13: 978-0-9799537-7-4
Binding 2: softcover
Pages: 128 pp.
Publication date: June 2008

Price: US $18.00
Imprint: Africana Homestead Legacy Publishers

BISAC subjects: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Folklore & Mythology; HISTORY / Africa / West; SOCIAL SCIENCE / Customs & Traditions; SOCIAL SCIENCE / Black Studies (Global); POLITICAL SCIENCE / Government / Local; BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Political.

Founder Yawah Toe and Paramount Chief Wrea Musu, Heroes of Gedebo or Kleo, A Subsection of Grebo Land in Liberia

William K. Reeves

William Kpaye Kamma Reeves

William Kpaye Kamma Reeves was born in Kablake, Gedebo, Liberia. In 1955 he graduated from Our Lady of Fatima High School in Harper City, and the next year started teaching in its elementary division. While teaching, Mr. Reeves entered the Maryland College of Our Lady of Fatima and earned a bachelor’s degree in education in 1959. Also working as an administrator, he became acting principal of the Tubman-Wilson Institute (TWI) in Zwedru in 1965, vice-principal of TWI in 1969, principal of TWI in 1973, and principal of Bishop Juwle High School in Zwedru from 1978 to 1990. Fleeing Liberia’s civil war in 1990, Mr. Reeves now lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Alphonsus N. Davis

Alphonsus Gbenon Nyenati Davis

Alphonsus Gbenon Nyenati Davis was born in Heweken, Gedebo, Liberia. He graduated from Our Lady of Fatima High School in Harper City in 1955. To pursue nursing, Mr. Davis studied at the Tubman National Institute for Medical Arts (TNIMA) School of Nursing in Monrovia, earning an RN (registered nurse) diploma in 1958. Studying in Paris from 1961 to 1964, he earned a French language certificate and a diploma in anesthesia at the Institute of Anesthesiology. In 1965 at the J. J. Dossen Memorial Hospital in Liberia, he became a nurse-anaesthetist and taught French. Mr. Davis also earned a B.Sc. degree in education from the College of Our Lady of Fatima, Harper City in 1969. Serving his people until 2000, he now resides in the U.S., in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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Citizens of Maryland County in Southeastern Liberia have lavished praises on two great sons of the county for their effort aimed at highlighting the rich culture and tradition of the Gedebo or Kleo people in a book titled: "Founder Yawah Toe and Paramount Chief Wrea Musu, Heroes of Gedebo or Kleo, a Subsection of Grebo Land in Liberia". ... "Liberia: Marylanders Extol Two Great Authors," Analyst, 11 August 2009 (source)

The book focuses greatly on the adventurous and expeditious but blessed process through which Yawah Toe founded the Gedebo Land; having to combat opposing forces while seeking a secure dwelling place and daily bread for his family in the jungles of the then unknown but fertile land.

News of the book has been joyfully received by thousands of Maryland citizens particularly those hailing from Gledebo Chiefdom including Junior Senator Gloria Maya Musu Scott (Maryland Unity Party), granddaughter of the famous and venerable Chief Wrea Musu whose 43 year ruled strengthened and prospered the self belief and determination of the Gedebo or Kleo people.

Senator Scott said she was particularly moved by the patriotic courage of the two men to begin a process of digging out the historic facts about Liberia’s rich culture and traditions,...

“I am really elated, and I must say that we are elated. The people of Gedebo and the people of Maryland County as a whole are grateful to these two great men who’ve taken their precious time, effort and resources to prepare what I consider a solid treasure for all of us and generations yet unborn. We say hats off to them; may God continue to multiply their blessings. I am particularly grateful and appreciative because my family background is recognized and venerated in such an esteemed endeavor”, she averred.

M. Welemongai Ciapha, "Promoting Liberia’s Culture-Many Extols Two Traditional Writers," FrontPageAfrica.com, 11 Aug 2009 (source)



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© 2008 William Kpaye Kamma Reeves and Alphonsus Gbenon Nyenati Davis.

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For the media

Press releases, Web articles

"Liberia: Marylanders Extol Two Great Authors," Analyst (allafrica.com)
(HTML) (PDF) 11 August 2009

M. Welemongai Ciapha, "Promoting Liberia’s Culture-Many Extols Two Traditional Writers," FrontPageAfrica (frontpageafrica.com)
(HTML) (PDF) 11 August 2009

Reeves and Davis Book Retells Grebo Founder's Tale and Gives Oral History of Gedebo, Liberia
(PDF) 30 Sep 2008


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